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Allie Bullard


1. What is your proudest moment as a teacher/choreographer?

-Our production routine winning a Platinum Plus at Breakout Dance Competition 2023 is probably my proudest moment as a teacher and director to date. Choreographing a production can be an incredibly frustrating process. Getting so many dancers with various skills to move on the same counts, asking them to maintain energy for 8 minutes, adding a prop, costume changes, music editing, etc. It’s so rewarding to stand back stage and watch the dancers work together to make my vision come to life. And to be rewarded with a Platinum Plus for our efforts made it extra special. 

2. What is your favorite style to choreograph? What is your favorite style to perform? 

-My favorite styles to choreograph are contemporary and hip hop. I think it’s really fun to play with storytelling and beats and to challenge my dancers’ musicality. It’s always fun perform in any style, but I think my favorites are jazz and tap. 

5. Given your experience, what do you hope to instill in the young dancers you teach? 

-Dance can often be a negative experience for kids and teenagers, especially in the competitive world. It’s easy to compare yourself to the dancers around you, and value yourself based solely on how you place amongst the rest of your competition. It’s my hope to have each dancer I teach realize their own personal strengths and skills. To find their truest selves in this art form and find value and confidence in that. 


Allie Bullard
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